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Maple Plain Outreach
The Maple Plain Church has an active Outreach Program.  Click here for the calendar of events.

Here are some Outreach ideas that you can use to start your program.  Call the church at 763-479-1496 if you are interested in starting one of these programs or would like more information when one of these programs are scheduled:

Outreach Options
  • Door Knocking: Surveys and lessons  available for whoever is interested in going. If someone is interested in going. If someone is interested in giving Bible studies, but not canvassing, they can have more experience people get the studies for them.
  • Prayer table in front of store:  Have Bible study sign up cards on table to offer people. The object is to have church pray for them. Also have DVD's and lessons to show on table.
  • Ingathering: Kids can get involved, by gathering food for needy.
  • Pass out literature, tracts, or Great Controversy: Can do anywhere, kids should be included. Can get "Cracking the Code" (last few chapters of Great Controversy) from 100-399 are approximately $1.49 ea, 400-799 are approximately 1.39 ea.  Another option is the ASI version of Great Controversy.
  • Missing Members: Find them and visit with them with a card from the church, crafts, a phone call, or flowers.  We need to show we care and that these members are MISSED.
Seminar Options
  • Addiction recovery series: Slides and materials for giving classes including workbooks will need to be ordered from Amazing Facts.  You can advertise by door to door surveys, Craigslist, AA centers, signs, and banners.  It is suggested to run 2 sessions per night; one night per week.  This 14-session series will be completed in 7-8 weeks.
  • Depression Recovery Seminar: Program by Niel Nedley. One night a week.  This is similar to the Addiction recovery series.  You will need to order materials.
  • Financial Seminar: Crown or Ed Reid series.  The Maple Plain Church can help you access either of these resources.
Personal Ministries
  • Nursing Home: Visit a local nursing home once or twice a month.  Bring a group for singing and prayer with the residents.  Check the Calendar of events for the schedule. 
  • Homeless Shelter: Once a quarter.  Check the Calendar of events for the schedule.  
  • New baby/funeral ministry: Send a card and/or flowers to the mother or to the funeral home from the church family. You will need to work with the Maple Plain board for reimbursement details.  
  • Final Events sign up cards: (different from Cosmic Conflict) Available from Color Press (1-800-222-2145).  A minimum order is 1000. Costs are without address printed is $65/1000.  You can set these up at gas stations, coffee shops, or shopping centers.
  • Cosmic Conflict sign up cards: Available from Amazing Facts; ask for Rudy. You can get a file to print cards without addresses.  DVD minimum order is 100 at $2.30 ea. Advertise the same as Final Events cards.
Community Projects
  • Healthy Eating/Cooking: Supper club, CHIP, progressive dinner idea. You can go to Lakewinds or other health food stores to give simple cooking classes or advertise in the community for a class held at the Maple Plain Church or local community center.  
  • Bake/Craft Sale: proceeds go to local food shelf or other needy charity.  Maple Plain Church has an internal "needy member" program.  
  • Community project: Find someone in the neighborhood that needs yard or house help and help them on Sunday or weekday. You may wish to have T-shirts with the name of the church for the helpers.
  • Movie night at the Church: Show the Final Events, Cosmic Conflict, or youth-related series.  Advertise by door to door, flyers, or mailing.  Offer a free DVD copy afterwards.  Offer Bible studies to people who attend.
  • Sponsorship: One-day School or Church through Maranatha.
Church-sponsored Series
  • Evangelistic series: Hold an evangelistic series to follow several home-bible study groups.
  • Daniel/Revelation: A companion series that follows the Evangelistic series.  Series focuses on those books but also includes church doctrine.  Hold once a week at the church for the first month and then move to small group house meetings.

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